Azi's Turbo Worm(Snake,NO ADS)



A Free + AD FREE Snake game featuring large free-scrolling fields, lots of scattered obstacles, many levels of increasing difficulty, save points and more!


* Enormous, smoothly free-scrolling fields with sizes up to 120 x 120 squares

* Gazillion of obstacles scattered all around, exerting constant and ever-growing demands upon your concentration and reflexes

* Direct your snake using virtual onscreen buttons and D-pad. Different layouts of (anti)-clockwise and directional controls available. Can be hidden after they become a part of your instincts!

* Many levels of increasing difficulty. Do you have what it takes to win them all?

* Graphics intentionally simplified to maximize retro playability factor!

* Food Compass: An arrow icon directing you to the food piece nearest to you. Did I mention the playing fields are huge? You need to watch this icon.

* The game can be interrupted and continued at a later time - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

* Pick up Save-Point items to store your location in a single memory slot, to be recalled at any time later on after a bum run (stored until you pick up another Save Point)

* Scoring system: 25 point per mushroom, extra bonus for finishing a level quickly, extra bonus for catching a slippery panicky chicken.

* Extra life every 1000 points

* Free AND Ad-Free!!! Give it to your kids without needing to explain that no, there's no casinos in this game, no fortune telling, no dating services, no Broth-El's (perverted cousin of Superman's dad, yes). Anyway I digress.

(C) Matej "Aziraphal" Hrovat 2012
Made in Slovenia

If you like this game, no donations needed :) Just listen to Aziraphal's music at and leave a message how awesome it is.

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