B-52 Spirits of Glory Deluxe



We are excited to announce the Deluxe version of the one and only B-52 Bomber game on Android is here! This deluxe edition comes packed with improvements and features! See release history below and the what's new/recent changes section for more details.

Bomb multiple targets including chemical plants, tanks, ships. Watch for enemy fighter jets, incoming missiles, and flak, use countermeasures such as flares to deviate the missiles off course. Attack flak guns to stop them from firing on you or save your bombs for more significant targets? Drop a nuke and risk destroying your own plane? These decisions are yours!


• All original graphics
• Classic top down arcade style action!
• Dynamic land and sea levels for unlimited bombing fun!
• Random elements insure no two games are the same
• Five levels of difficulty keeps the challenge going
• Exciting cockpit voice chatter enhances gameplay
• Drop nuclear bombs to devastate the enemy!
• Multiple targets to bomb including factories, bridges, tanks and ships
• In game unit encyclopedia lists all target units and points per hit

Check out our youtube channel for game play videos!

Device Requirements:

This game has been tested on multiple devices running Android OS 2.2.2 and higher... LG Optimus V, HTC Inspire, Droid Global, Droid X2, Droid Razor, Samsung Galaxy S2, Nexus 7 tablet and a generic tablet. Game will work on devices with as low as 320x480 resolution to tablets with as high as 1280x800 resolutions or more! As of v1.3.1, new options settings on main menu (can be turned on or off) allow support for lower end devices. As a result we are confident this game will now run well on a wide range of devices. Note the obvious difference is that things will be smaller on 320x480 devices.

•For a fun experience, run it on a lower end device but turn some options off
•For an even funner experience, leave all options on and try it on a higher end device such as Droid Razor or Samsung Galaxy
•For ultimate fun, try it on a 7" or higher Android tablet!

IMPORTANT GAMEPLAY NOTE: As noted within the game help section, it may take more then one bomb to destroy a target. In one game you may bomb a chemical plant and destroy it with a single bomb. Next game you may drop 6 bombs on the same type of chemical plant and not destroy it even if the bombs land directly on the target.

PLEASE NOTE: The game has already had extensive updates since release. Not only did we developed this game, we also enjoy playing it too! So please rate! If you enjoy it, tell us what you like, if you encounter problems let us know so we can improve it. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas, let us know and it may make it's way into our next or future updates. Until then... enjoy and let's light em' up boys!

For a full release history of this game and our other games, visit www.newhopegames.com

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