Backflip Madness


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Do some extreme jumps without hurting yourself

  • Really realistic sounds and movements
  • Extreme sports
  • Not easy at all
  • You have to pay

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"Careful! It might hurt!"


Did you know that you can do extreme sports from your own mobile phone? Yes, you won’t have to put your back, arms or legs at risk with this app. The little man in Backflip Madness does it for you! You can practice a variety of jumps and spins of three different levels of difficulty and without scratching yourself once. But you should still take care because this poor guy can really get hurt.


Doing a beautiful pirouette in the air and landing on your feet as if nothing had happened doesn’t earn you any cash. In fact, this game makes it so difficult to do them on the gym mat and, actually, in any of the places Backflip Madness offers its users. There are a total of 8 different scenarios that you have to unlock through levels. It’s not easy, but learning to do these tricks on your phone or tablet is a challenge worth trying. It's a bit gross at times, because when they fall, it all seems painfully realistic (and bloody).


Backflip Madness can be a complex game. You have to be sure about the controls and you'll soon be able avoid falling over while jumping. Another disadvantage is that you have to pay for it, but fortunately, it won’t break the bank!

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by Cecília

Jul 02, 2015

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