Bacteria™ Arcade Edition


Bacteria™ Arcade Edition's review


Bacteria is a vertical retro shooter

  • Retro music and artwork
  • 80's inspired gameplay
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Graphics should be enhanced
  • There aren't either online leaderboards nor achievements hall

"Protect your cells, avoid the infection"

Would you like to be in the 80's gaming mood? Bacteria is going to bring you back there. A classic vertical shooter with some of the ingredients of the retro-formula: old-fashioned graphics, simple pad-killer gameplay action, lot of action.

The basic idea is to face waves of enemy bacteria that are trying to infect a last few remaining cells placed in the middle of the stage. You're on board of a ship armed with laser guns that can neutralize and destroy those bacteria. Thus, chase after them, aim and finish them off before any of them take a cell out of screen. If they achieve their goal or you lose your lives by hitting against bacteria, the game is over.

There are three difficulty levels: arcade, novice and insane. Likewise, the game can be played single or in co-op in-device multiplayer. Take of care not to shoot your fellow though, since friendly fire is allowed. Graphics, even pretending being retro, should be somehow enhanced: environment is too dark and effects are poor. The ship is controlled by a screenpad button for moving left/right, boosting and shooting. That's it.

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Jan 24, 2013

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