Ball Blaster 2 Lite



Ball Blaster 2 cranks up the action with mega power ups, massive weapons, and aggressive enemies that shoot back. There are multiple types of bricks to break, bonuses to achieve and game behaviors to deal with. Game action and simultaneous in-game objects is extremely high making for some truly mind blowing game action! Objectives get progressively harder through 100 levels including target scores and timed levels to beat. You can save your game at any point to try again and again, you'll need it! The game also includes "kids mode" which randomly creates a new board every time and disables menus so you or your kids can play uninterrupted.

The lite (and free) version showcases the first 10 levels with a range of brick, enemy and power-up types, but that is just a taste of the exciting and fast paced game play you will enjoy. The full version has more mega power-ups, new bricks and ball behaviors, more level objectives and bonuses, faster game play and progressively harder boards that require speed and smarts. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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