Ball Maze



Ball Maze is a fun, simple yet captivating game where the aim is to navigate through a randomly generated maze. The game always starts on the green pad in the top left corner and you must tilt the screen, using gravity to steer the ball to finish on the red pad in the bottom right corner.

The mazes are generated every time you load a new level and there's only ever one path from the start to the finish; every time you play is a new maze, a new challenge to enter into your top 10 "High Scores"!

If you make it into the High Scores you can replay the same maze by long-pressing the High Score entry, challenging your friends on a level playing field.

There are three maze sizes to choose from:
Small - The maze is the size of your screen
Medium - The maze is 1.5 times the width and height of your screen
Large - The maze is 2 times the width and height of your screen

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