This game is made ​​for children.

When you start the game, the balloon will appear from the bottom of the screen one after another.
By tapping on balloon, you get gold and score.
Since the multi-tap, play together with parents, or you can be played with two fingers.
ClearScore has been set for each round. If you do not reach the ClearScore until after the round, the game is over.
In the remodeling-event that occurs every three rounds, you can enhance the destroying technique acquired with the gold.

There are three types of enhancements.
Gold will need depends on the enhancements level.
① Expansion
Increases the range break a balloon.
② Machinegun
You can break a balloon while the long tap.
③ Penetration
If the balloons are overlapping, you can break a balloon located behind.

The goal of the game is to update a high self-score. So, there is no end of game.
Please play this game, during the moving or when skinship with children.
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