Bandit Hunter LITE



Bandit Hunter is an action game that requires reflex and habilities where you have the role of a cowboy named himself as Bandit Hunter.

Flee obstacles, kill bandits and save hostage captured by them.

You´ll be able to bring the peace to the far west?

Ride´em, Cowboy!!!


- Easy to use controls: hit the exact button in the correct moment.

- Test your hability killing bandits, freeing hostages and avoding obstacles.

- Procedurally generated trains. You´ll never know which dangers hides on them.

- Local Leaderboards: beat your best score every time you play.

Future features (depending on feedback):

- Bosses.

- More train wagons.

- new obstacles and enemies.

- new items and power-ups

- global leaderboards and achievements.

- new game modes.

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