Battle Balls Lite



Your nation live peacefully on the island together with other nations...

As long as you do not got the idea to expand their territory!
It is time to take control of the island and knock out all competitors.

Gather an army and capture territory.

- This is the LITE-version of the application, which is available to you only one island. In the full version will be available all six islands!
- The choice is given six different nations, each of which has its own peculiarities of behavior in combat.
- The island is divided into territories. Each territory is under the control of one of the nations.
- Territories are divided into 4 types. Each type in its own way affects the behavior of warriors on the battlefield.
- To win, you need to consider the characteristics of the enemy and the type of the battlefield.
- The game also has a multiplayer for two players.

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