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Battleheart is a medieval RPG in which the player recruit a four-hero squad looking for glory and riches

  • Stunning comic-based graphics
  • Amount of characters, skills and items
  • Really addictive
  • 30+ levels campaign
  • There isn't free trial version
  • No online leaderboards

"The fellowship of the King"

First off, the graphics have really impressed us. The game is set in good-looking comic-based graphics that hook you up at the first sight. The characters, the background, the sorcery attacks and the explosions are stunning, without a need to render high-quality 3D graphics.

Let's talk about the gameplay. First, you have to create a battle party made up by 4 heroes with different jobs and skills: wizards, rogues, knights, monks, bards... and many more. All of them level up as the game progresses. Each level brings you the opportunity to customize their unique skills: there are hundreds of class and skills combinations. Each character plays differently, so you have to form a squad that really works.

Besides skills, you can also collect items that will improve your squad performance. There are more than 30 different levels campaign ending up with boss battles. What you have to do basically is fighting, poison or convert enemies to advance through levels, and collect items.

Regarding controls, it could seem that managing a four heroes squad would be something chaotic. In the beginning it's a bit difficult to get the hang of it. But we have to say that the intuitive controls help the player quickly to be aware of all that's happening during the battle. You just need to tap a hero and drag an arrow to what you want them to interact with. If you throw the arrow toward a partner, it will heal him instead of damaging (if it's a white sourcerer). You will damage just the enemies. Anyway it is easy to distinguish who's who in the battle. Attacks and sorcery shows up in the top in clear. widgets. Just tap on them to select.

Battleheart has been developed by Mika Mobile. This is the only app they've launch on the Android Market so far. But they've been quite successful with Battleheart on iOS, and we would bet that they're going to reach the same success on Android.

This is one of the best RPG for Android we've tried (it's worth paying $2.99). If you're really into sword and sorcery games, give it a go! It's a pity though that there isn't a free trial version (only paid).

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