Battleships Advanced



Battleships Advanced gives you a taste of the age old classic plus a new Age twist.

In the Classic Mode, you play the guessing game of where your enemy ships are. Be the first to sink all the enemy ships to win.

You have the option to play:
- Single Player
- Two Players
- Online (for classic mode only)

In the Advanced Mode of the game, new items are introduced to make the game more challenging and fun:

- Move ships on your turn
- Repair damage to your ship
- Launch an Air Strike (getting 5 hits at the opponent)
- Send spies to find out enemy ship locations!!
- Drop a Torpedo to instantly sink the opponent's ship
- Your regular bombs stay as mines for 10 turns preventing the enemy from moving their ships onto it.

Each mode of the game gives you three difficulty options:
- Easy - small map, fewer ships
- Hard - medium map, more ships
- Harder - large map, lots of ships

Will you be the next ruler of the Seas?

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