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    Published: 2012-04-10, by .

    Bean's Quest reminds to 16-bit Super Mario Bros and other similar platformers

    • Cute 16bit-like graphics
    • Retro soundtracks
    • Auto-running genre
    • Intuitive controls
    • Amount of levels
    • We're missing tilt controls option
    • Childish
    • There isn't free version

    "Cute retro platformer"

    However, in this case the main character isn't a plumber, but Emilio, a bouncy bean wearing a Mexican hat. Doesn't it sound hilarious? It is. Actually, scenery really looks like Super Mario Bros' environments, although, instead of grabbing coins and mushrooms you'll have to grab gems columns-like looking.

    Besides that, gameplay is quite similar: our dear bean is always bouncing around (auto-running genre), you just need to use left and right buttons on the screen to make it grab gems, advance through platforms and jump over enemies to kill them. Avoid prickles, cliffs and monsters and make the most of springs and power-ups.

    Emilio's goal is to bring save and sound his kidnapped girlfriend. He has been transformed into a jumping bean by dark magic. In order to achieve it and recover his human appearance, he will have to beat over 150 levels through 6 different Worlds. On his way, he will have to rescue his pet axolotls. Grab it when you find it on your way.

    Graphically it brings us back to the early nighties, 16bit-like graphics and gameplay. Soundtracks also helps to set that environment. Controls are quite intuitive although we're missing tilt controls, since it just needs to move right or left.

    Retro-lovers will have a blast with Bean's Quest. Newbies will discover the magic of 16bit. Suitable for all audiences.

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    Apr 10, 2012

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