"BearStrike!" is one kind of "Whac-a-mole" type of game. Players hit
wicked bears instead of moles.

This bears break into players' crop fields to eat bugs (their bait).
Players should beat these bears before they mess up players' fields.
Players compete for the highest scores within limited time.

Bears look very brassy or evil. Players might want to beat them very much.
Players need carefully to avoid pink bomb not to damage your remaining
time by 5 seconds.

There are also time-gaining bomb so players also need to hit them correctly.

Outline of "BearStrike!"

Application Name: "BearStrike!"
Release Date: 11th, March, 2011

Game rules:
1 Hitting bombs will reduce your game time by 5 seconds
2 Hitting pink bears will win special bonus based on secret rules
3 Hitting clocks will add 10 seconds gaming time to get players reach
higher scores

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