Belted - Asteroid Game



Something is amiss in the Asteroid Belt.
After thousands of years of peace, the Space Corps
finally have something to do!
The Empire as assigned their entire Belt fleet to investigate.
You Rock Hardman is the entire belt fleet.

Advance through the sectors towards the source of the troubles.
Encounter meteor storms.
The unknown enemy will send harder and harder adversaries.
Can you survive?
Can you destroy the final boss and it's minions?
Can you single-handedly save the whole Empire?

The Belt awaits you!

* 10 stages of Asteroid blasting.
* Many mini bosses.
* Collect coins for ship upgrades.
* More than three different ships.
* Multiple endings.
* Saves your progress after each stage.
* Only on Android

All for free! Everything can be unlocked without purchase.

Tags: asteroid fleet game , asteroids and meteors game

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