Biljet AR - AC130 Beta



Beyond Reality's first Mobile Augmented Reality Game!

**Yes it needs updating -.- Working on that!**

Augmented Reality is a technique where a 'marker', a real-life image or object, is tracked on screen and used to add an extra dimension to the camera image, real-time!
In game-perspective, this gives you great freedom to look around the game-world yourself.

This game uses our BiljetAR format, which features banknotes as markers.
We currently have 6 supported biljets: 1 US Dollar, 5 Canadian Dollars, 5 Euros, 5 UK Pounds, 1000 Yen and 50 Rubles (more to be added later).

The AC130 is a heavily-armed ground-attack aircraft, in this game you take seat as the main gunner.
Using a variety of weapons with each their own strenghts and weaknesses you must complete various tasks.

How to Play:
* First choose the currency you plan on using as a marker in the config menu.
* Start the game
* The game will show you which side of the currency it needs for tracking.
* Put the bill with that side up on a table or other desired playground.
* Point your camera on the bill
* If the bill is tracked the game will start.
* Follow the instructions on screen. Fire with the bottom-right button, change ammo with the top-right button.
* More help is found in the main menu.

* Try to keep the banknote on the screen at all times.
* Don't move too fast, try different speeds and see what works.
* If the tracking is lost try to get the entire banknote in your screen.
* In the second tasks, there are several more soldier on the walkways on the side of that building ;)

Known Issues:
* Auto-focus not working properly
* Second tank in third mission drops through the world on some occasions
* Yen bill is out of date
* Euro bill does not track too well


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