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Blew TD is a tower defense-like game set in an original style

  • Lots of maps, units and skills
  • Addictive
  • Two different game modes
  • Graphics


Gameplay is shared with other TD: place towers and other weaponry strategically in order to avoid waves of enemies reaching the end of the path. However, this is not about placing towers and cheerfully lie on your back, but manage your resources efficiently.

Thus, you will have to sell and re-place towers, upgrade them, launch special attacks that require mana and make the most to survive. Waves are different each time, and its specific enemy unit is more vulnerable to some of your towers. Learn that stuff and you'll success.

There are two game modes: story mode and quick game. The latter is good for practice, but you won't be able to play it until you unlock new maps in the Story mode. There are lots of maps to play: every map has 3 difficulty levels. Likewise there are over 10 different towers to choose from. Each tower can be upgrades several times. As well as levels you'll unlock new skills as you progress. No chance for those who don't want or don't know how to invest their resources to enhance their weaponry. Keep in mind though that this Lite version doesn't let you upgrade beyond level 5, and doesn't include some towers.

Although Blew TD is graphically simple (original though), the game is really addictive because, unlike other TD, this get you hooked trying to upgrade, re-place and release bombs and special attacks. Worth.

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