Block and Ball



Earth´s only fighter spaceship, Ball-breaker is the only thing capable of saving earth and the human race from the evil Blokers. The Blokers are alien race that have invaded the Earth´s atmosphere and taken over. Earth´s fate lies in your hands to stop a destructive race that has blocked out the beautiful blue sky with a series of blocks that prevent the sunlight from illuminating the Earth.

The player must liberate the main cities in the planet one by one in order to make the sun shine again. To do this, the player will only have at his or her disposal the spaceship Ballbreaker and it´s Superball to knock the bricks out permanently.

• Play in multiple cities throughout the world in order to clear the bricks.
• Collect powerups to the Superball that allow for different shots and special abilities.
• Also collect powerups to your ship that improves its performance.

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