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Bloody Sniper is a defense game in which a redneck is facing waves of zombies

  • Entertaining
  • 6 different weapons
  • Online leaderboards
  • Boring after a while
  • Need different game modes

"Zombies? Let the tough guy finish'em off!"

Yes, this folk is a really tough one since he's able to blow away dozens of skeletons, zombies, bats and other scaring creatures while drinking a beer. A redneck with guts and guns.

As a typical tower defense, your goal is to avoid creatures to reach you. They'll come by waves, every time harder and harder to beat. However, new weapons will be added to your armory: colt, rifle, minigun, peegun, bomb and fence. Try to use them properly: some weapons are more effective with specific creatures. Switch them but don't spend too many time or they'll catch you.

There are unlimited number of waves. This means that this is all about scoring higher and higher. Actually, you can submit your best marks on online leaderboards provided by OpenFeint and challenge your friends to beat your score.

Hand-drawn graphics are cute, not stunning though. Graphics aren't the most important part in this kind of games. There's a weakness shared by defense games: it can get boring after a while. It needs different game modes or some other features to get you hooked for longer. We encourage developers to focus on this issue.

Despite of this, Bloody Sniper is an entertaining game, one of those to have a good time while waiting the bus that we like to call "timewasters".

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