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A fun spin on the classic helicopter game, blox copter introduces full color customization to the blox, trail, obstacles/floor/ceiling, and background and gives the choice of 3 separate and unique game modes. Please read below!

Note: This game was tested extensively on multiple android devices. If you find a problem, please email the developer with the type of your device (i.e. droid x, nexus, etc) and where in the game the problem occurred. Thanks!

**For best results, close all other applications before playing.**

How to play: Tap the screen to go up, release to go down. Pseudo-gravity in effect.

*Three game modes:

Normal: Survive as long as you can without hitting the obstacles, the floor, or the ceiling. Tap to go up, release to go down.

Endurance: No obstacles - but the cave shrinks! How long can you last?

Reverse: Tap to go down, letting go floats you upwards. Quite a challenge!

*Pixel-accurate method to check for collisions - for all the close calls, your blox won't lie about touching an obstacle.

*Fully customizable colors in the preferences!

*Small file: takes up a very small amount of space

*Little battery usage: has a small battery usage

*Top 5 personal high scores for each game mode

*It's free, at least try it out! :)

This game is ad supported (only after a game is finished), all permissions are necessary to display the ads.

Please email me for comments or suggestions and leave an honest rating of the game! :)

Recent changes:
1.0: Initial Launch
1.1: Updated icon, added music, fixed ad placement, put preference and rate button on end game screen
1.1.1: Fixed minor end game screen bug, changed high scores format, updated splash and title screens and minor text changes in preferences

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