Bobby Jumps



Bobby Jumps is a "jump and run" platform style game.

Bobby is a friendly smiley jumping all around. help him collect the keys in the different levels, avoid the danger, collect bonuses, and escape from its ennemies.

Bobby jumps on the platforms by himself and you only have to move him left or right.
This makes the game is very easy to play for everyone !

Try to make the high-score, by getting all the bonuses and going as fast as you can on all the
levels. It can quickly become very addictive !

Compare your skills with your friends on the tournaments

You can play with Bobby Jumps on android smartphone or (HD) tablets.

This paid version of the game suppress the ads and various reminder popups.

If you have any issue with this game, please send us an email to, this will allow us to help you and improve our game !




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