KITMAKER Bobolinkies presents endearing. These cute colorful creatures star in the most addictive game of the decade.\n\nThe Bobolinkies need to be with their kind, so the player will have to chain them skillfully. Following its hugely successful iPhone, Bobolinkies the game that everyone is talking, once the test is impossible to stop playing. Enjoy two game modes, special items and the new combo system.\n\nBobolinkies The original approach does not require a complex learning to enjoy the most: it is suitable for everyone who wants a good time on your mobile, whether these are seasoned players and newcomers inexperienced.\n\nBobolinkies is synonymous with fun and good times. These lovely and varied colored bugs that the player will repeat again and again, thanks to its addictive gameplay. The mechanics affordable, careful design and its enormous depth undoubtedly be a major sales incentive. Bobolinkies, have lots of fun

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