Bomb Jumper



Help Bomb to get more and more fire for his family and for his friends! But be careful, do not fall off from the ramps, and don't touch the flying waters! Be careful and help Bomb! Jump higher and higher, and get more points!

This game contains four game modes:
- Normal
- Infinite
- Kid
- Increasing!

Normal mode:
It is the normal mode of the game. Help Bomb to get more and more fire (and points with them) and to get higher and higher!

(or very long to be more precise) You can't beat this mode, I'm sure in it! Very very long levels, and a lot of enemies!

You can't fall off in this mode, so if you would like just play, and not care about fall off, it's your mode!

In this mode you will start with very easy levels, and then they will be more and more harder!

All of the levels are different! You won't find two equal levels!

You can control Bomb by tilting your device. You can help him, with pick up some power-ups for Bomb, which will boost him, and help him to get higher, and higher!

Have fun!

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