Boo Bugs



Squash Bugs! This fun and addicting game will have you frantically squishing and smashing bugs against the clock. Each progressively harder level has a different mix of bugs to smash including different types of flies, spiders, dragon flies, beetles, ants, inch worms, caterpillars, butterflies, bees, lady bugs, and more! The more bugs you get in a row, the more "rage" you generate to kill even more bugs! And get power-ups like a big hand, double hands and nuke bugs!

You can also squash bugs just for fun without caring about the levels or score. Put the game in "kids mode" to keep your little ones occupied without worrying that they will accidentally hit the menu buttons or having to deal with level goals.

This game has a Halloween theme with spooky sounds, pumpkins, and even ghosts to try and get! Play this game year round to squash bugs anytime, and enjoy the scary sound effects!

The lite (and free) version allows you to try out the game by squashing many of the bugs available. The full version adds progressively harder levels with goals, and more bug behaviors to deal with.

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