Butch in space no ads



In this retro style space-shoot em-up game you control a Dog named Butch who is lost in space (eg, in the corner of his mind dreaming about food)
dreaming of an adventure a long, long
way from home.

A truck on the space highway in butches mind Unfortunately has
crashed right into an asteroid and spilled dog food all over space - In butches weird mind he must break up all the dog food other wise he will DIE

Luckily butch is equipped with tactical saliva , so can save
the situation by breaking down the dog food, one by one.

You have an endless supply of butchs saliva but as we are only in butchs mind.butch is completely unprotected and will be
destroyed if he comes too close to dog food.
You control a Dog named Butch lost in space its a bit tricky to control.

Butch has no brakes so if you accelerate,
butch will continue in the same direction until you turn him
around 180 degrees and accelerate him in the opposite direction.

ToDo:add sound effects

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