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California Gold Rush is a casual digging game

  • Challenging
  • Entertaining
  • Different game modes
  • Artifacts
  • Trivia mine (achievements)
  • Bit childish

"Gold digger"

California Gold Rush stars Mandy, an amateur gold miner who's hired by mine owners to enhance the production in their mines. The goal, of course, is to collect as much gold and diamonds as you can by using your pick or different type of explosives.

There are two different game modes: "Story mode" which is the campaign mode in which storyline and gameplay is merged. First levels are tutorials and later, it just depends on your skills. Try to get three stars in each level (depends on the amount of gold collected). In "Gold rush" mode you can dig as much as you can in 60 seconds. Bear in mind that golds gives money, checkpoints get more time and higher gold value multipliers.

There are two features that makes it even more challenging: on the one hand, stamina levels. Mandy gets tired, you better doesn't run out of stamina or you'll be done. On the other hand, there are up to 6 artifact hidden within the mines. Besides collecting gold and diamonds and getting three stars in each level, try to find them out.

Graphics are cute, bit childish though. Controls are intuitive: you can move around by tapping. If you tap further away or drag and release your finger you can move longer distance. Likewise, you can dig tunnels to left, right and below of you.

In conclusion, an entertaining casual game which can be included in the category of great "timewasters". You'll have lots of fun with it. Highly recommendable.

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