Campus Beer Run: College Girls



Hold your bottle close and venture forth into a dizzy new world, with giant frat-houses looming in the background as you zigzag through the campus grounds. In Campus Beer Run, you walk, run, stumble, and stagger your way through the corridors and streets of higher education in search for “just one more beer.”

Play a typical college kid in those week-old jeans, or access paid upgrades that include the aging college veteran in nothing but his tighty whities and the drunken girl in a party dress with such a miserable look on her face that it's obvious she's the only one who hasn't figured out the party is over.

In your inebriated stupor, you crash into obstacle after obstacle – bar stools, passed out drunks, empty beer barrels. All you want is another sip, but you can barely stay on your feet! Enough careless bumps in this maze of a world your loss of brainpower has created and you're sure to blow your chunks.

And that's game over, Folks.

Of course, it's only proper that in this game you collect points by getting your hands on more beer suds to keep your wandering drunk adequately sloshed. Pick up the bottles of beer or overflowing mugs to get top scores and then compete with your beer buddies in Game Center.

Download this fun and addicting game on your Android now and take off on a beer run you won't soon forget! It's time to get sauced...

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