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Castles Under Siege is an action card game that lets you fight wars against other lords. Your goal is to destroy their castle or to build your castle to great heights.

Defend or Attack, it is your choice. You can fully customize your own battle plan by creating your personal deck of cards.

Play against your friends online with the Player versus Player game. You will battle with your friends using your own deck of cards! Be the best of your friends and become the king! You can play with your friends in real-time or you can just play turn by turn whenever you feel like it, but be aware, waiting times per turn are limited by 2 days. If you do not play your turn before 2 days have passed you lose the game.

We have incorporated Google Play Services in our latest update for achievements, leaderboards and player versus player gaming. We have also improved a lot like the AI, controls, graphics but we have also added a lot like more sounds, more animations and more functionality.

Please try out the free version of the game first to see if your device is fully compatible.

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