Cave Runner



Tilt your heart out in this game of survival, collecting precious jewels as you steer the daring cave runner in an attempt to avoid inevitable death for as long as possible!

- Literally endless gameplay, different every time.
- Have your 8 most glorious runs forever saved!
- Cheerful tunes
- Easy Tilt Controls
- Simple art
- Constant updates bringing bug fixes and new additions!
- Made (mostly) by a 12 year old :)

Find any bugs? Have any suggestions or ideas? Email me at, or write them in a review and I'll get right to them.

This is not in any way a purposely done copy of any other game, despite any similar name. I know it's different, but i didn't want to have any problems or unfair ratings because of any other great game. In fact, I came up with this game before any temple-run-type game was made, but only now have i had access to the android platform.

Overall, I wanted to clarify that this was not a copy of any game, not even in concept, in order to keep rating fair.

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