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One of the first ever multiplayer games for Android

  • One of the first multiplayer Android games ever
  • Still works!
  • Hasn't aged well in terms of graphics or responsiveness
  • No one online to play with

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"A veritable 'droid dinosaur!"

Fascinated by the unfolding history of mobile gaming? You need to know about Chicken Brick Studios' Cestos, one of the very first multiplayer titles for Android devices, from all the way back in 2009.

It's obligatory to connect with another player to enter a round, which is the toughest part of the whole experience - its heyday is long gone, and there's little but crickets on the servers any more. However, I rounded up a fellow reviewer to play with me, and after a few minutes of cajoling, we both showed up in the list of players in the Lobby. From there, you challenge someone online (in other words, the only other person online) to a duel. There are various set-ups to choose from, but they all revolve around the same idea: knock your opponent's marbles off into deep space while protecting your own. There's a several second period in which you each secretly determine the trajectory of your next move, and then the marbles fly, careening into each other, walls, mines, and the like.

Time's not been kind to this title - there are many more high-powered games out there these days that are more worth your time. The graphics show their age for sure, as does the general responsiveness of the menu navigation. That said, it does still work, and pretty well considering it's practically a wizened old man with respect to the app world.

Cestos hearkens from an era when slower pacing was acceptable, when we all still marveled at these new and powerful miniature devices, and as such merits at least this reviewer's hat tip of respect.

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