Chain Reaction


Chain Reaction's review


Chain Reaction brings addicting local multiplayer gameplay and makes for a great time killer

  • Easy to get into
  • Great time-killer
  • Supports older devices
  • No multiple difficulty levels
  • No online multiplayer

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"Take control of all the orbs"


Made for local multiplayer fun, Chain Reaction Classic on the iOS or just plain Chain Reaction on Android has you set destructive orbs on an open grid with each player looking to take control of the board first. All you need to do is tap within an empty cell to place your orb. Once an orb reaches its threshold limit, it’ll blowing out, allowing you to take control of your opponents’ orbs which will help you conquer the game board rather quickly. You can try your skills first with the computer AI or play on the same device with up to 7 other people.


Chain Reaction is deceptively simple to get into and tricky to master, making for a great time if you’re playing with a group of loved ones or friends. Gameplay is quite addictive and makes for a great time killer. This game can also be played on older devices.


Chain Reaction doesn’t offer different AI difficulty levels or online multiplayer, with online multiplayer only available on the iOS if you get Chain Reaction 2.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Jan 29, 2016

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