Chicken Revolution


Chicken Revolution's review

Stop the chicken from escaping at all costs

  • Fun, challenging
  • Exciting
  • graphics could be more smooth

"Chicken Run!"

Chicken Revolution is an action game where chickens have assembled against you and are trying to escape by flying the coop. You should defense the fence and smash and do whatever it takes to the chickens in order to keep them in.

When you first access the game, you will be presented the main screen with the game goals, the fence money, the subskill and the skill icons below. To play, touch once to select a skill and touch the chicken to attack, keeping in mind that the first levels will be easier but after that, you will need more than one attack so as to get to them properly. Between levels, you will be able to purchase skills with the coins earned, so be sure to be prepared.

The game is fun and challenging, but the graphics are not as smooth as they should be, they are kind of laggy sometimes and this should be improved. GAMEVIL Inc. is the developer of Chicken Revolution and other colorful action games for Android.

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