Christmas Caper



(Note: Made slightly easier than the other games since it's Christmas, nobody wants a stressful game :) p.s. MERRY CHRISTMAS! :D :D)
It's Christmas Eve and Disaster has struck the North Pole! An explosion in Santa's Workshop has caused every present
to scatter across the north pole! Play as Santa on his sleigh as you attempt to save Christmas by collecting
all of the fallen presents, avoiding all the innocent and injured (from the disaster) animals and elves in the north pole.
If you collect enough presents, you gain enough Holiday Cheer to rescue some of the injured animals too!
Try to gain as many points as possible and compete with other Holiday Rescuers for the highest score!
However, the icy snow is slippy so you and the reindeer cant slow down, and are speeding up, so be careful!
Try to save as many presents as possible before you crash!

--How To Play--
Touch the screen to scroll through menus. (internet/Wifi needs to be on to check the worldwide global high scores)
When playing, tilt the screen to turn Santa as you ride along the ice.
Avoid riding into injured creatures and objects or you'll crash the sleigh!
Collect the presents by riding into them to gain Holday Cheer. When you have enough holiday cheer,
you can tap the screen to activate Santa's magic. This will allow you to rescue the injured animals and move obstacles
by riding into them, gaining lots of score.

Riding into sheer ice will cause you to spin out of control, while riding into puddles will slow you down helping you.
So simply: tilt the screen to turn. Avoid objects. Hit presents. Activate Holiday Cheer to temporarily fly into everything
to gain points. Ice makes you spin. Snow slows you down.

If you have re-installed the game, it is possible to retrieve your high scores.Simply click the Retrieve Scores button
in the local high score section BEFORE checking the global high scores, to return your scores from the online scores.

Compete with others in the local (only on your phone) and global (everyone thats uploaded their scores) leaderboards!
compete for that top spot! :)

This fun Christmas themed game uses the SplataCat game engine.

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