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    Published: 2012-08-09, by .

    Chromasphere is a 3D action puzzle game tilt-controlled.

    • Great 3D graphics
    • Original gameplay
    • Increasing complexity
    • No online leaderboards

    ""Sphere puzzle""

    Most mobile devices native games are those that use accelerometer (that's it, tilt controls) as main controlling system. Thanks to it games that were outdated or obsolete, or even those that had no sense before tilting, are now hitting the market. Chromasphere is a great example.

    Chromasphere is a action puzzle game in which you have to use tilt controls to steer a ball through floating mazes. The goal is to reach the end, a portal that will teleport you to the next level. However, you will find some obstacles on the way, like closed colored-doors. In order to open them you have to collect gems of a specific color. Likewise, you'll have to activate some colored-switches to build temporary bridges. Remember pace and colors are everything in this game.

    There are up to 4 different worlds, 6 levels in each. Complexity increases as you progress: more walls, narrower path, rotating platforms and more gems to grab. Score depends on your performance: the fastest and the least lives you spend to complete the maze. You can submit your scores on Facebook and Twitter, however, there aren't online leadeboards.

    Chromasphere is set in great 3D graphics, well rendered: we had no issues playing it on a medium-end device. Controls are its plus point: tilt controls to speed up, slow down, move sides. Likewise, you can pinch to zoom in/out, plus swipe and hold to change camera view.

    Original gameplay, tilt controls, great graphics and challenging puzzles. All the ingredients of a successful title. Great one.

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