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    Published: 2012-11-20, by .

    Colony Defender is a defense game that tests your agility

    • Lot of levels, weapons and units
    • Original gameplay
    • Upgrading system
    • Social network sharing
    • Graphics

    "Fast-finger strategy"

    Most of defense games depends on strategy: where you place towers or what resources you upgrade first. Colony Defender is a little different. Waves of tanks and other armored cars will try to cross the field and reach you, the way you've chosen to defeat them is by bombing them. You just need to select the weapon and tap every enemy unit to blow them up.

    It seems easy, however, you'll quickly understand that there are some handicaps that make it more complex. First off, the fast-pace at which enemy's units drive towards you. Secondly, some armored cars require more than one tap to be smashed.

    That's not all. You'll get money for each unit defeated, so you can upgrades your armory which is needed to defeat stronger units in the following levels. Some levels are locked in this Lite version.

    The game is graphically simple, as we're used to in defense games. However, its gameplay and controls are mobile-native: actually, this game wouldn't such playable in a non-touchscreen device. Worthy.

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    Nov 20, 2012

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