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    Published: 2015-12-23, by .

    Counter desert strike places you as an elite sniper in a desert war.

    • Free to play
    • Runs on older devices
    • Updated frequently
    • Poor camera angle
    • Ugly graphics
    • Unresponsive controls

    "Take out terrorists with your trusty rifle."


    You’re the person the U.S. Army goes to when there’s a war. You’re a hardened elite sniper with the ability to take down terrorists with each shot you fire. And now you’re in the middle of a desert war. That’s the premise in Counter desert strike, a play on the name of the ever popular Counter-Strike. Choose your weapon, from your sniper rifle to a pistol and even a bazooka in some levels, and take out those who wish to see you gone. With each enemy you take out, the game gives you money, along with keeping tabs on your score, time taken in each level and kill count.


    Counter desert strike is absolutely free to try out and works on older devices that don’t happen to run Lollipop or Jelly Bean. The game is also frequently updated with new levels to play through.


    Here’s where things go from good to plain bad. The camera angle is notoriously slow to move, and the graphics look worse than a 90’s arcade game shooter. The sound is pretty faded out and the game’s controls may be unresponsive.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Dec 23, 2015

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