NEVER GIVE UP - Run as fast as you can through dangerous worlds to collect coins and destroy enemies. It's CrossWolf, the new non-stop adventure that challenges you to cross every obstacle, learn every skill, defeat every enemy.

Jump onto platforms large and small while sprinting through ever-changing worlds. Just tap longer to jump higher (you can even do a double jump!).

Enjoy the complex and addictive gameplay that's unlike anything you've tried before. CrossWolf will break every expectation you have about running games.


In this fast-paced 2-D running game, you must dodge or destroy your foes. Collect coins along the way to get valuable Power-Ups and wolf upgrades.

New dangers await you at every jump. Watch out for falling platforms, dangerous mobs, and lethal obstacles.

Start as a wolf cub and move up the ranks. You'll get new skills along the way like the Fire Roll.

Want to SURVIVE? You'll need quick reflexes and perfect timing.
Want to WIN? You'll need to defeat all enemies that seek to destroy you.


As you leap from platform to platform, don't forget to grab the gold coins. You can redeem these coins in the store for much-needed help.

With your coins, you can get protective shields, restore skill bars, and even earn speed boosts. You can also get valuable skins: with the Zombie Skin, you can jump higher to avoid enemies, and with the Magma Skin, you are immune to enemy beams.


Features of the new CrossWolf game include:

* Fast-Paced Running Game - Run, jump, and fight your way to victory
* Dangerous Enemies - Defeat the deadly foes that stand in your way
* Valuable Power-Ups - Collect coins to earn helpful upgrades
* Addictive Gameplay - Complex play makes for never-ending fun
* Ipen Feint Enabled - View high scores for bragging rights

Are YOU ready for the challenge? Play CrossWolf now and find out!

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