Crow's Revenge



Crow's babies are lost and it's up to you to find them and return them home safely! Fly Crow through the meadows and streams, picking up power-ups and weapons to defend against the forest creatures who are out to get you and your babies! Drop eggs bombs, deliver stinky poo splats, and spit seeds at these evil forrest animals!

This is the season for revenge!

This is bound to be THE NUMBER #1 APP in every country!!!


Listen to what our users are saying: 

"Totally addictive arcade action, I can't put it down!" 
-Meagan, San Fransisco, Ca

"A completely unique gameplay experience, never played anything like it!" 
-Jordan O., Boston, MA

"Now that's one Angry Bird!" 


Pro Features: 

-Endless Levels with progressive difficulty
-Collect weapons power ups and blast those forrest creatures!
-High Score System
-Responsive touch controls 
-No internet connection needed 
-Absolutely no ads! 


A note about feedback: 
We strive to make affordable and fun apps that everyone can use. We appreciate all our user's positive and constructive comments and we do our best to incorporate your requests into future updates. So please, if you feel that we could improve this app in some way, please contact us and let us know. Thanks!