Cultist is a humble tribute to old school Game & Watch (or Электроника for us in the former Eastern Bloc) mobile game consoles. You control a devoted and agile cultist as he places virgins on an altar for sacrifice while avoiding the reach of his angry god's dangerous tentacles. Something you do every day probably.

Revolutionary features:
* Almost unlimited supply of virgins.
* 3 times more lifes than is usual in real life.
* Realism not seen in games since Pong.
* Tough choices that will directly influence destiny of many (in most cases) innocent virgins.

All this completely for FREE because we are just that kind and caring.

If you encounter any bug, please let us know. If you have meaningful suggestions, do the same. If you love, worship or hate what we do, give us shout on Twitter (@hitpixels) or via email (

Have fun.

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