Dangerous HD


Dangerous HD's review

by Peter Warrior

A futuristic multi-genre game

  • Epic everything
  • Bleak atmosphere
  • Afar of casual gaming

"A crowded place isn't as dangerous as outer space emptiness"

This is the HD version of Dangerous. The non-HD version is here.

Quite in the way of a portable version of Bioware's ME series, this game combines RPG touches like experience points, dialogue options and romance with strategic options as trade routes and commerce. Of course, sometimes diplomacy won't be a feasible option and the the pew-pew bang-boom action will start, though you won't last for much unless you have done your homework and equipped your ship accordingly. Storyline is deep as a wormhole, 'cause no one knows where it will get you to (oooh, a pun!)

On the other hand, there are a few glitches here and there (check options menu to adjust your detail level) and the automated translation does more for evil rather than for good. UI can be improved with smaller screens on mind. Lastly, it's a pity that casual players will surely ignore this jewel of mobile gaming because it's management options, namely ammo, cargo and skills can overwhelm anyone not used to games more complex than sticking three balls of the same color or throwing shrieking colorful stuff onto chuckling green stuff.

Although not all is a bowl of cherries, we feel like if we had found a precious antiquity hidden in the middle of a flea market. A five out of five for a game which worst sin is to be far from mobile gaming standards, as if it was designed to be played in the comfort of your sofa only.

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