Dark Reaper Shoots!


Dark Reaper Shoots!'s review

by Peter Warrior

Beat evil guys and collect their souls

  • Great yet gameplay
  • Children friendly
  • It could have even more stuff and different characters

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"It's ajob, but it isn't just business"

Do you know that creepy creature that roams mankind and animals, most likely in zones where there's blood and guts and sickness?

Yes, I'm talking about the Gummy Bears, doesn't it tease you? OK, seriously, in Dark Reaper we play the role of Death herself, faithfully accompanied by its loyal hollow dead pet dog Gowgow, in its continue mission to harvest souls (exchangeable for weapon upgrades, dream on). Fortunately, our grimmy friend (that is, you) has chosen to gather souls from forsaken wraiths, haunted ghosts and otherwise evil spirits, which is great because that would mean that she won't trip over refugee camps and zebra crossings anymore.

Gameplay is rather straightforward, you move and attack through the onscreen joypad, as in any usual dungeon crawler. It's a good game (and that's why we've spent the above two paragraphs joking about it) whose biggest flaw is that it asks to sign up before actually playing a thing.

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Oct 14, 2013

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