Dead Run : Brave



Dead Run: Brave is about the Rufus, the bravest purple haired prehistoric Neanderthal, who’s coming to the rescue to save the world from the giant, dangerous dinosaurs. The job is not easy, especially with all the obstacles in the way; the giant lizard at his heels, just waiting to get his hands on and teeth into our heroic Rufus. Rufus isn't letting this get him down though, he is determined to make the world a safer place. He even has help from his trusty friend, Tutu, a pterosaur who’s ready to help old Rufus here in any and every way he possibly can.
This exciting and nerve wrecking game is all about Rufus and his escape from the T. Rex. Help him overcome the difficulties, slide under rocks, jump over them, the tree logs, and the skulls. Oh, and don’t forget to avoid the oil spills! And for any earthly issues that may arise, Rufus can hang onto Tutu and fly over them, such as the pit. There are also special boosts that you can use throughout the game, such as the invisibility button, the boost button to make you go super fast, and the shield. Also, don’t forget to jump and collect the gems. These gems can be very valuable to you. They can get you mega boosts and upgrades on already existing life lines, like increased hanging time, boost time, invisibility time, and magnet time.
Hurry and hit the start button to join Rufus and Tutu’s team and help with this life risking journey!

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