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Eat people, cars and animals while progressing through the levels

  • Original idea
  • Fun and entertaining
  • Really addictive
  • Too short
  • Controls aren't well located

"Worm of the dead"

Death Worm is an Android game where you have to control a worm with your finger and eat as many people and animals as you can. You'll also need to blow up cars and tanks and defeat all kinds of enemies. The game consists of 45 levels set on three different locations and two types of game modes (Campaign & Survival) plus 2 extra mini games.

To play, you need to hold your finger and drag it into the control circle to choose the direction you want the worm to go. The controls could be improved, as the circle is located on the left side and it's too sensitive and also makes it kind of hard to see the screen while you're using it. Still, the game has much potential as it's original and addictive, although it ends too soon because it's not really hard to progress through the levels.

PlayCreek LLC is the developer of Death Worm Free and its paid version. This could be a really good game if the controls were improved and it lasted a but longer. Give it a go!

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