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    Defence Hero 2's review

    Published: 2013-10-24, by Peter Warrior.

    An epic offense-defense game

    • Epic gameplay
    • Multiple RPG features
    • Awesome design
    • It sometimes gets too chaotic and it's hard to be "tactical".

    "Burn everything down"

    Dark Saint is an offensive defense game. As in other similar games, you have to protect your castle and attack opponent's at the same time, summoning different kinds of units and controlling your own hero who has his own set of skills and screen-wiping spells. Although gameplay isn't much different from the rest of the genre, sprites and effects are overwhelmingly awesome, and if ogres (well, that giant-like warriors) are eye-popping, wait to see dragons and other mythological bosses who can nearly take up to half of the screen.

    Dark Saint is epic at all levels, and being able to put our hands on this translated version, even though it's an odd translation, is awesome. It sometimes gets really chaotic and there are too many units on screen as to understand who's losing and if you're doing it good or not, but that's also part of this game's charm.

    If you haven't played a similar game before, you might start by something simpler within the genre, but otherwise this game has everything it needs to be your new favorite game.

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    Oct 24, 2013

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