DESTINIA's review

Destinia is a highly entertaining action RPG

  • Retro graphics
  • Jobs, subclasses and skills
  • Great levelling up system
  • Flexible item-crafting
  • Nothing special

"Empire must fall"

The Empire became corrupt. Even those who fought for good are now captivated by Dark forces. Just a few group of heroes leaded by Duke can change Empire’s fate. Heroes whose Masters were Empire’s best soldiers. Now what they taught will turn against them.

Destinia is a retro-style action RPG with lots of hours of dialogues and all that basic elements that makes RPG such an addictive genre: levelling up system, jobs, quests, magic items, market... and many more. All of this enveloped in a hooking storyline.

There are up to three main classes, six subclasses and 39 skill trees. One of the plus point of Destinia is its flexible item-crafting: you can construct, combine and disassemble items that will help you fulfill your missions.

Graphics are great, retro but there’s no abuse of pixels. Effects and animations when fighting are lovely.

In a few words, a pure RPG regarding graphics, features and storyline. A title that fans of this genre can’t miss.

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Nov 05, 2012

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