Destiny Defense:Angel or Devil


Destiny Defense:Angel or Devil's review

A defense and attack game.

  • Graphics and music
  • Some minor flaws (translation, graphic quality)

"Blonde angels vs brunette devils"

Destiny Defense: Angel or Devil belongs to this last crop of Defense games coming from South Korea, dismantling the build and watch classic tower defense gameplay in favor of a mix of experience points, upgrade trees and a sort of trite storyline, without mentioning that you have to protect your castle and attack enemies'. In this case, the war between Good and Evil takes place in a Middle Earth-like land. Meanwhile, don't forget to protect yourself as well, as some enemy troops can attack you instead of your castle.

It isn't an easy game. Things get real starting at level 3, where you have to assiduously cast your healing spells and learn to delay your blonde knights in order to get them together to battle and avoid dying impaled in foes' spears. The classical situation where your troops are far better than your rival's and you just have to stand and watch is pretty rare (though there would be a fast action button) till you have your troops upgraded and have mastered the protection spells: then it becomes quite easy.

At the 'cons' column, the odd translation and some spelling mistakes, it's lack of replayability (customary in this genre) and the graphics, which are quite good but we'd like to admire with further detail (you can't zoom in). On the other hand, an epic music, an in-game complete manual and a nice and thrilling gameplay in which every stage lasts for three or four minutes, so it's quite suited for short trips.

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