Deviant Cows



Aliens have invaded the planet and almost decimated mankind. The Cows and Bulls of Earth have started defending the planet Earth, to the shock of mankind….. and themselves. The Cows and Bulls of Earth have awaking with a awareness they have not before known. After the Eons the true reason of the abduction of cows and bulls has become apparent. The Aliens Energy weapons leave a radioactive residue that slowly increases their intelligence.

The massive amounts left by the invasion has launched their awareness far enough from what they were to fight the hoard of invaders looking to take their home. The Bulls have fought back on the planet and pushed the Alien Invaders back into space (In the Prequel of this game…. currently in development). The Cows have managed to "Borrow" some of the Alien Invader ships and have started blasting them in Space. Survive till time runs out and win. Your ship can only take 5 blasts. But the closer the blast that hit you, the less blasts your ship can take.

For Easy mode, you just touch the screen to blast where the Alien ship is. In the Medium Level you use touch as well but the ship shoots back. In the Advanced Expert Mode, the ships shoot back and you control the targeting by moving ( Tilting ) your mobile device, not by touching the screen.... Good Luck ....You will need it!!