Dino's First Flight




    You are a young flying dino ready to take your first flight out of the mother's nest.

    Collect the fruit to feed yourself and earn great new power ups, dino's looks and landscapes! Avoid obstacles on your way to keep your life line full. Coconuts, carnivorous plants, dinosaur eggs and volcano eruptions will make it harder to collect the fruits and flying creatures like archaeopteryxes, giant bugs bats and mosquitos will stand on your way.

    Collect incredible boosts like shield, super boost, double fruit and life line boost to collect the fruits much easier.
    Earn new looks including Athlete dino, Pilot dino, Skeleton dino and Hang-glider dino!
    Collect more fruits to enter prehistoric jungles and caves.

    Long time forgotten lands of dinosaurs are waiting for you!
    Enjoy your first flight!

    • Easy to control gameplay
    • Collect the fruits to unlock power ups, new dinos and landscapes
    • Lots of power ups
    • Five dino's skins
    • Three different landscapes

    !Note: game compatible with AMR 7 processors and higher.

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