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    Space-themed shoot-em-up on Japanese psychedelic drugs

    • OMG bullets
    • Many different ways to play
    • The sheer wall of color is staggering
    • Way too chaotic for my taste

    "The colors, man, the colors"

    Playing DoDonPachi Resurrection is like dropping a whole lotta psychedelics atop a fat stack of steroids and then wandering through the weirder parts of Tokyo in the year 2525. Kinda.

    It's an ever-shooter, meaning both that you can theoretically shoot the hell out of everything forever and also that you never stop shooting. Seriously, the iridescent laser beams and bullets fill up at least 2/3 of the screen at any given time. If that's not enough, you can activate BOMB mode to create some serious blasting power, or HYPER CANNON because too much is never enough.

    Difficulty and controls and game mode (either "SLAUGHTER" or "MENACE") and such are all adjustable, so there's a bunch of ways to tweak how you play. Absolutely all of them, however, are "BULLET HEAVEN" (dev's words, not mine).

    I dunno, man. It's kind of impossible to dodge the enemy attacks, because your ship takes up most of the size of the screen. It's not exactly difficult to hit your target either, given that you're spewing 235947236 bullets every nanosecond. That said, it's actually pretty tricky to get very far. I'm not sure what the right strategy is, but perhaps I just haven't been able to focus on the subtleties of maneuvering whilst my eyeballs were being assaulted by an futuristic acid-dream gone bananas.

    That said, DoDonPachi Resurrection is respected as one of the best in its genre. And I did feel compelled to play it through several times, so! Your mileage may vary.

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