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The new snake is controlled by tilting the device

  • Fun and entertaining
  • Simple but challenging
  • More controlling options

"Tilt your smartphone to control the snake"

In this Snake-like game, your serpent is moved by tilting your device. Your goal is to earn as many points as you can, eating all the apples you encounter (except the rotten ones!) to make your tail grow longer.

You'll also have to avoid enemies that can only be killed when you eat a ladybug that makes your snake change its body.

Tilting your device is an original way of controlling the Snake, but being able to choose between Tilting and Tapping controls would be more useful; tilting can be harder and uncomfortable for some users. You can also submit and compare your scores on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail and compete with your friends.

In short, Doodle Grub (created by PIXOWL INC.) brings this classic game back to life and it's definitely an entertaining way of spending your free time. If you enjoyed the original and were waiting for a new twist, then you’ll love it.

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