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Doodle Jump is a mobile native vertical platformer

  • Addictive timewaster
  • Tilt controls
  • Online leaderboards
  • Multiplayer (on the same device)
  • Nothing special

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"Up, up, up!"

The premise is quite simple: a doodle alien wants to reach his planet which is far far away, up there, in the space. To get there, he will have to jump and go up over platforms avoiding on his way monsters, fake platforms and other handicaps.

What makes it insanely addictive, from my point of view, is its tilt controls: the doodle is constantly and automatically jumping, so you have to tilt your device to left or right to steer him from one platform to the next.

On your way, you will find both handicaps and boosters. Depending on the theme you choose (there are up to 5), you will find different enemies and boosting tools.

What's more, you can play single player or challenge you friends (up to 8) to play against you (not online, but on your device). You can also share your score on online leaderboards.

The app is set in well-crafted cartoony graphics and runs smoothly even on low-end devices.

Lima Sky's Doodle Jump features a simple yet addictive gameplay. Highly recommended.

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